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The philanthropic arm of the Guild is known as the Quilting Angels.  They meet once a week at St. Patrick’s Church on Fair Oaks Rd in Arroyo Grande to create quilts to give away as needed in our community.

Drum roll please ~~ a total of 362 quilts were given to the community in 2013 ~~

Arroyo Grande Library                             10     (Adult winter reading program)
Nipomo Library                                          5     (Adult winter reading program)
Oceano Library                                          5     (Adult winter reading program)
Shell Beach Library                                    6     (Adult winter reading program)
Central Coast Kidney Disease Center   63
Central Coast Women’s League               4*
Dept. of Social Services                           60     (Adult Services)
Exchange Club                                           1*
Homeless Shelter Overflow                     15
Marion Medical Center                           132
Relay for Life Cancer Program                  1*
Rita’s Rainbow                                            1*
Sierra Vista Hospital                                 32
Dept. of Veterans Affairs                         25
Veterans Services                                       1*
SLO Submarine Veterans                           1*

* Quilts given to other non-profit organizations to be used in their Fund Raising event.

     We participated in the Western Monarch Day Celebration where the children colored Butterfly Quilt blocks for children’s quilts.
     The Guild as a whole participated in the Operation Surf program making many large valor quilts. 
      We donated bags of toys for "Toys for Tots", 30 Christmas Stockings, and many shopping carts of food to Five Cities Christian Women’s Food Bank. 


Quilting Angels welcomes newcomers at St. Patrick’s Church meeting hall on Tuesdays from
10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. For more information about the Quilting Angels please contact us at the email address below.


Please visit our calendar for information on upcoming meetings, events and activities.