Logo Contest

Membership needs to order more membership pins. We would like to replace our current logo: it has many colors, is difficult to read when small in size, and not very clear when reproduced in black and white.

Vote on your favorite logo design by submitting the ballot (emailed to you on 6/22) by 6/27 at 6 pm. If you didn't receive the email, please send an email requesting one to webperson@centralcoastquiters.org. If you would prefer to vote at the meeting on 6/28, we will have paper ballots. Voting will conclude at the end of break, and we will tally the votes. Assuming we have a quorum between electronic and in-person votes, we will announce the winner after the break.

Note that any of these drawings can be adapted to a pin. The winner will work with the pin company who will convert the design to a pin.

The yellow color could be gold or silver on the pin.

Please ignore the graph paper background, it will be removed in the pin design process.

The photo will be converted to solid colors during pin design.