Karen Burke - August 2020

Projects from Karen Burke

Postcard project. I have 2 more in process. I love to camp at Morro Bay with friends, family or just me and my hubby. There are great bike trails there that are so beautiful, chocolate bread pudding at Taco temple, stops at the local thrift shops and a visit to the Cotton Ball fabric store make a great weekend! This took me about 12 hours...lol. More fretting than sewing.

I have a ufo in process but the matching pillows are done. They are garnished with embroidery applique flowers. There are about 15 flowers done for the quilt cover to apply as an applique garden. Stems and ric rack will somehow factor in.

I can't wait for more zoom classes and sewing together. Travel safe.

Matching Pillows for UFO

Morro Bay