May - July 2021

From: Donna Coffey

Shelia's Kitty Quilt

I miss living in the northwest and during Covid was unable to go up and help my friend after her surgery. She is a cat lover like me so I made her this quilt to keep her company and help her heal. Sally Inouye did a fabulous job on the cats and flowers.

From: Janice Minyard

Fall Cornucopia

66" x 66"

Fall Cornucopia Block

It's a Girl Thing

49" x 63"

It's a Girl Thing Close Up

Left Overs

28" x 39"

Left Overs Close Up

From: Susan Chandler

This is a 30’s quilt top my sister-in-law bought last year that had never been finished but washed several times over the years! Some of the fabric was very frayed, so I spent hours finding the weak seams then sewing them down by machine!

The backing fabric came from a Gold Coast guild sale for $4! According to Gwen Weedon, the expert quilter, it was vintage! It even matched my border fabric.

May 2021