The philanthropic arm of the Guild is known as the Quilting Angels. They meet once a week to create quilts to give away as needed in our community.

Consider joining our Philanthropy group, Quilting Angels, on Tuesdays at St. Patrick's Church Hall, 9:30-1:30. It’s a wonderful way to contribute to the community, a place to advance your quilting skills, and to meet a group of new friends waiting to get to know you. First Tuesdays of odd numbered months is $2.00 pizza if you’d like; first Tuesdays of even numbered months is potluck. Otherwise bring your lunch. If you are not on our notification list, call to confirm the group will be meeting:

. Questions? email


Thank you for all of your support.

2022 is now underway and we need your HOBBS batting UPC codes, and fabric donations especially juvenile prints for baby and children's quilts and red, white, and blues for valor quilts.

Thank you, Collette, Janie, Alice, Adele, and Judy