The philanthropic arm of the Guild is known as the Quilting Angels. They are a friendship group that meets once a week to create quilts to give away as needed in our community.

The Quilting Angels meet from January through October on Tuesdays from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm at St. Patrick’s Church hall unless preempted by Church needs. Every Quilting Angel needs to be a current Central Coast Quilters (CCQ) Guild member so as to be insured through SCCQG which is required by St. Patrick’s Church. The first Tuesday of each odd month is a Pizza luncheon day. The first Tuesday of each even month is Potluck luncheon day. Otherwise bring your lunch along with your sewing equipment.

All Angels who are physically able should help with weekly set-up and clean-up chores. Please be responsible for your own pace and workload. We get excited about our productivity, but we don’t want any Angel to feel pressured or stressed.

We make quilts of all sizes but our most needed sizes are:

  • Premie baby quilts 36” x 36” (minimum size accepted)

  • Valor quilts ( men’s, and women’s ) 45” x 60”

  • Men’s, and Women’s quilts 45” x 60”

  • Children’s quilts 45” x 60”

New Angels, we hope that you will just jump in; introduce yourself, ask questions when you need clarification or are interested in something, help where you can and have a wonderful time. Your generosity of using your time, effort, equipment and often your own fabric and supplies to produce so many beautiful quilts has made us a hugely successful and happy Angel friendship group that has made our Guild and community proud! Our quilt donations for the prior year are published in the February newsletter. We hope you’ll join us.

We accept donations of cotton quilting fabric, sewing equipment and notions.

Questions? Email